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The owners of a hot spring popular with tourists in Japan have closed the venue following ongoing complaints of lewd behaviour.
The Fudo no Yu hot springs in in Nasushiobara City will no longer be open to the general public, with the notice shared on the Shiobara Hot Spring Tourism Association website.
Providing stunning views of the Hoki River, the open-air venue gave was a popular spot with visitors, especially over the weekends.
The Fudo no Yu hot springs in in Nasushiobara City will no longer be open to the general public
The said: slot gacor 'Over the past year, regular complaints were lodged with the management of the Fudo no Yu hot springs and a local tourism organization about bathers repeatedly engaging in a number of lewd acts, some of which were filmed.'

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The site cost 200 Yen (£1) to enter, but with no management supervision, it was based on an 'honour system' whereby visitors would leave the money on entering.
Because of the lack of supervision, it is believed visitors were engaging in acts of lewd behaviour, with several Japanese news outlets reporting of such incidents.
Visitors to the hot springs were afforded the luxury of stunning views of the Hoki River
The reported that adult films and voyeur videos were shot at the hot springs, and that many of the videos appeared on the internet.
And in addition to these incidents, one visitors told of how

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